Graduates of the bachelor programme “Information Management”: job market and satisfaction (Case of Latvia)

Lelde Petrovska, Toms Buņķis


After establishing the new Information management programme, Latvia has obtained young yet skillful specialists who are starting to take part in labour market. But the real question is - if the advanced course of the program gives more advantages in labour market? We are going to create an answer to that, using the bachelor's thesis of Kristīne Mavrina, a graduate of 2013. Her thesis is based on a very similar topic, only it is about an earlier period of time. We are going to compare her results to ours. This is a new experience for Latvia because there are only three courses of bachelors who have graduated in this programme, so we can only wait and see how the situation turns out. However, we can discuss and speculate about the future, as well as to interview professionals about this topic. It is also interesting to find out students’ own ideas and views on how valuable the acquired degree will be in the future and if the programme will live up to students' expectations.

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