Online community of readers = e-reading?

Brigitta Jávorka


In Hungary the e-book culture is now evolving. The publishers are creating a large number of new e-books, and the libraries are speaking about how they can serve e-books to the readers, because there is no law about that at the moment. Up till now the readers could obtain new Hungarian e-books most of the time illegally. For this reason there are a large group of online communities that are dealing with e-book exchanging.

In my presentation I will try to give answers to the following questions:            

1. Where can we find such communities on the internet?

2. How are these communities working? What behavioral patterns describe the members of the community?

3. What is the attitude of the classical online communities of readers towards the e-books and e-reading?

I will also show the community of the biggest Hungarian social website for booklovers, named

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