Creative repositories for children

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Sharing knowledge and information are the undeniable aspects of the our daily life, however it happens unconsciously and definitely in some cases there will be some gaps between supply and demand thus everyday person has been looking for figuring out new ways for coming over the barriers almost always .Usually changing the current situation starts with creative spirit, brain storming and of course group cooperation. It is favorable to mention that most of the creative events and maybe inventions are coming out from non-governmental and non-profit organizations. 

The most common expectation from a library or museum is there high capability in teaching and informing the user by facilitating easy access, free and comprehensive sources with high variation, including additional programs for supporting the main ideas which can be totally flexible according to main purpose of the center.  

Obviously they are so many internal and external factors that influencing the reputation of a source, in this limited words the main focus will be on creativity .Of course having great budget and plenty of qualified staffs   are advantages for facilitating any kind of organization. Nowadays managing the actual potentials toward higher quantitative and qualitative approaches are the things that optimize the necessity of innovation in work place.

And children have been remarked because they are future heritages and it worth to get in touch with their wishes and needs even though there and adults’ domain has a really blurred fence.

In spite of all these is it demanded to be creative enough to motivate them in reading learning and make these process palatable for them at least by the time they are in museums and libraries.

Due to all these points, some of the childish libraries and museums have been analyzed because of the creative establishment idea and their favor in career management.

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