Catalan netlabels and music discovery in Catalan public libraries

Jordi Corvillo


Netlabels are Internet music labels that release music under open licenses, usually on a compressed audio format with a minimum bitrate of 128 kbps and under non-commercial rules. On this paper a quantitative analysis of Catalan netlabels scene is described as there are some ideas for dissemination of netlabels music information using Web 2.0 services like RSS, Twitter and blogging. In spite of some unavailable data, a survey consisting in online data collecting and questionary sending has been conducted to achieve outcomes that show an average profile of an active group of netlabels releasing works mostly on the electronic and experimental side of genres, releasing digital music freely downloadable as MP3 320 kbps files with Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licenses and prominent presence on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and audio platforms like Internet Archive, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. As a conclusion, a quite illustrative picture of the Catalan scene of Creative Commons music publishers arise while the necessity of further research is realized, and some examples of work about it, like collaboration between netlabels and public libraries as a not only curatorial but also sustainable practice and an online music discovery tool called Observatori de netlabels catalans, are introduced.

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