Vicent Gil Esteve, Albert Rubio Velasco


The social network phenomenon has led to a new generation of Internet users with a slew of new habits and customs in the realm of information usage. Web users want to consult a variety of information sources at high speeds in a world of constant change. In this paper we review the various tools,  platforms,  and  schemes  that  allow  us  to be  more  efficient  in  describing,  using,  and  sharing information. We will talk about the standard of the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, and how it applies to information management. Efficiency is reached with automation, which is possible through two methods: importing (using information from many sources in a single place) or exporting (content is entered only once, and is published or shared at many platforms automatically). We will see how metadata can be reused by some tools automatically, or how some tools like “IFTTT” (If This Then That) can help us with “non-librarian-described” documents and formats.

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