Digital library education on Master level in Borås, Copenhagen, and Oslo: Qualitative case study

Marton Nemeth


The paper offers a short overview of a Master Thesis thatoffers a qualitative comparative case study on digital library education programmes in master level in Borås and Oslo, and the digital library related elements of LIS Master Programme curricula in Borås, Copenhagen and Oslo..The comparative analysis is placed into a wider global and European context with a literature review.  Some interviews made with programme coordinators in Borås and Oslo is also referred at the thesis but these are not primary resources just add some more details to the content based on written documents and articles. The major research questions are: How do the three Scandinavian library schools in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Borås adapt digital library education related subjects in their master programmes? In which curricular form do these digital education subjects appear in the current programmes? Is it possible to determine some common features in the represented topics or education aims of the different programmes and schools? Sub-questions refer mainly to the internationalization of digital library education and to the effects of on-campus and distance course delivery ways to curricula. The paper is discussing the summary of the main findings to these research questions focusing on the most relevant common points of the programmes;  It refers to a comparative framework on the subject, content and contextualization ways of different education modules.

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